Having immeasurable passion in bringing Robots closer to the humans for a better collaborative existence and growth.


    An individual who uses empathy as a tool to successfully lead teams and people to ensure that larger benefits are obtained by one and all.


    A tech person who is well versed with Open source technologies and open to building technical POC's and prototypes especially Robotic mechanisms.

  • Visionary

    A dreamer who has some really crazy ideas and solutions that will bring about a definite positive impact on humanity and existence around us.


    A volunteer/strategic consultant for various Social/Developmental organizations that aim to solve the most neglected issues in the world today.


    Somebody who designs systems, processes and also builds both hardware and software products that help solve some really interesting problems in the world today.


    A consultant who has a creative way of designing business solutions using the right mix of empathy, tech innovations and business strategies.


Somebody who believes in less talk and more action, he has built an extensive experience and empathy of working on multiple problems across various domains and sectors.

Coming from a humble background and often wondered at the large gaps that existed between the growing world with great technological advancements and the marginalization of people, he has tried to bridge the distance between the two with the best of his abilities.

A dreamer who dreams of Robots being used in every sector and industry to liberate people from the dull, dirty, dangerous and demeaning jobs is slowly realizing his vision by executing strategies for companies, organizations and communities working with Robots trying to solve persistent problems.

In his quest of finding the best solutions, he has donned many hats with ease like a leader, volunteer, innovator, engineer, consultant, roboticist, son, brother, friend and human. He designs strategies and has the innate ability to execute them to near perfection. He has successfully executed projects in Education, Agriculture, Hospitality, Consumer Tech, Consumer Electronics, Environment, Wildlife, Corporate, Developmental and other sectors.

He has won several leadership awards, selected to represent his country in expeditions, identified as innovator by large organizations, travelled and network across the length and breadth of India.

He loves reading, travelling, working on Robots and new tech, writing, fitness activities, networking, movies and most importantly Solving Problems.


Customer Segmentation Robot Market Fit Robot as Solutions Connecting Robots to Clients Building Robots Prototype Roboticist Project Management Marketing Strategy Project Design Venture Design Design Thinking Business Experience Design Business Design Execution Problem Description Project Planning Stakeholder Mapping Problem Design Strategy design


Business Design Cycle - Edtech Startups
Revenue growth - 80% and Profit Growth - 35%
Event Design - Makerspaces and Hardware Incubators
Event Reach - >100000 in Bengaluru
Concept and Strategy Design - Incubation/Acceleration program
Middle India Entrepreneurs with 60% successful businesses
Market Research and Landscape design - Innovative Agri-tech products (Made in India)
Revenue growth - 80% and Profit Growth - 35%.
Business Design Cycle - Edtech Startups
Sector division and data capture in >20 cities in India.
Strategy Design - Smart Anaganwadi
Solar Powered Tablets for 3-6 year old kids for Govt.schools in South Karnataka.
Market Research and Business Design - Agritech products
Smart Water Management for farmers.
POC's and Prototype development of Robots for Edtech sector
Profit Growth - 20%, Market share increase- 30%, Customer base increase - 20% in less than 1 year.
Marketing Strategy Design for Consumer Robots
Market Share increase - 80%, Brand reach - 60% into new sectors, Revenue increase - 50%.
Focus Strategy on Hospitality sector
Consumer Robots improving their maintenance efficiency standards.
Product Design and Development to build Non-invasive animal deterrents using lights
95% Working efficiency in the most extreme environment conditions.
Product Design and Development to build Non-invasive animal deterrents using audio and ultrasonic waves
To address the problem of wildlife and agriculture sector especially the man-animal conflicts, crop protection and cattle protection.
Android application solution to address the problem of simultaneous recording and transmission of voice through wireless modes like bluetooth and wi-fi
Installation by more than 15k users across the world with an organic user growth..
Technical product/solution consulting for Development organizations / Non-profits
40% increase in efficiency of addressing problems in Education, Livelihoods, Child Rights or Environment segments.
Project Management Design for Development organizations/Non-profits
30% increase in their operational efficiencies.
Volunteered and campaigned for Child Rights with surveys and campaign designs
Reduction of child dropouts by over 90% and an appreciation by the BEO.
Mentorship program design
For adolescent girls with an anthropologic approach.
Conducted Study tours, donation drives and strategized partnerships
50% increase in the engagement of non-profit startups.
Volunteered for Environment and Climate change focused Non-profits
UN SDG Campaigns.